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Liquid Level Sensors & Pressure Transducers

Quality Offerings

Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG) is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer specializing in liquid level sensor and pressure transducer design and manufacture.

APG offers an extensive line of products in technologies and styles including ultrasonic, resistive chain, reed switch, float switch, pressure transducer, digital pressure gauge, submersible hydrostatic pressure, magnetostrictive and remote monitoring instruments.

Industrial & Aerospace

APG's liquid level and pressure sensors are highly successful in OEM markets in oil & gas, automated car washes, the medical industry and an extensive range of end-user industries.

APG's aerospace division manufacturers avionic instruments for military and commercial aircraft.

Remote Monitoring Integration

APG applies their level and pressure technology to bulk material handling and logistic companies for remote data access to sensors on tanks spread across entire regions.

These real-time monitoring techniques revolutionize the way companies gather and respond to data.

Technology Experts

APG engineers are experts in six different level and pressure measurement technologies; they know how to match their varied product technologies to your application.

NIST Certification

Providing NIST certification helps you stay compliant with ISO standards.

APG can certify their pressure transducers and digital pressure gauges, and re-calibrate and re-certify them as you require according to your service schedule.


APG sensors are used in a broad spectrum of applications, including both the typical level and pressure measurement applications, and unique customer specific applications, helping you to control your process.