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2 & 4-Wire Digital Analog Indicators and Transmitters 


IME has a complete line of products for a wide range of industry needs, ranging from the highly demanding Off-Shore Exploration to the basic needs of the Food and Beverage Industries.

The IME products are economically priced and designed to meet the needs of OEMs worldwide as well as end users.

ISO Quality System

IME is a recipient of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Award, and has received a Qualification Assessment Notification (QAN) as well as a Qualification Assessment Report (QAR) which allows the design and manufacture of products that meet both the ATEX directive and the IECEx Certificate of conformity.

IME's facilities are audited by FM, CSA and the appropriate ATEX authorities.


IME has a wide range of products that meet all four major certification authorities in the world (FM, CSA, ATEX and IECEx). In addition, the fully equipped state of the art manufacturing facilities are backed by a team of qualified and dedicated design and production engineers.

IME is positioned to meet the ever changing demands of the global process control industry.

Temperature Transmitter with Relays

The IME Model 8080PR allows two independent alarms to be assigned over the temperature range of the sensor. The unit will accept an input from a Pt100 RTD and provide an indication on a bright 4-digit LED.

The unit serves a dual purpose since in addition to local indication of temperature, which is switch selectable to read °F or °C. It also serves as an accurate and repeatable temperature switch.

Indicator with Relays

IME Model 8080RR Digital Indicators allow the process variable from any 2-wire transmitter to be monitored in engineering units and two corresponding alarms to be assigned. Both alarms can be assigned either high or low within the selected range.

Digital Indicator

The IME Model 8080MK Loop Powered Digital Indicators allow the process variable from any 4-20 mA current source to be monitored. Since the unit derives its power from the loop, no additional power supply or wiring is needed. Because of its low voltage drop (5.3 Volts at 20 mA), it can be incorporated into almost any 2-wire loop, where local indication of a process variable is needed because the integral transmitter indicator is inaccessible to view or at a different location.