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Industrial Transmitters & Valve Positioners


SMAR was founded in 1974 to service refineries in Brazil. SMAR added in-house electronics expertise when electronic speed regulators were introduced for steam turbines in 1978.

LD301 in 1988

SMAR went on to develop a line of instruments for the global process control industries and applications. SMAR introduced its smart pressure and temperature transmitters in 1988.

SMAR had surprised the instrumentation elite in 1991 by unveiling the LD301 pressure transmitter that incorporated HART protocol, PID control and flow integration all in one package.


Products are designed in Brazil and in the USA. Manufacturing is performed in the USA and Brazil. SMAR subsidiaries provide technical and commercial support, and keep stock of transmitters and spares for urgent requirements and service.

Quality System

SMAR's quality system is ISO 9001 approved by BVQI (Bureau Veritas Quality International) since 1992. Quality circles and employee's personal interest in the products cultured within SMAR result in quality in all levels: design, manufacturing, sales and after sales services.

Listening to the Customer

SMAR pays attention to the needs of the customers, who have in turn given Smar many remarkable suggestions for products and features which have been implemented and made Smars products among the most innovative in the market.

A Series of Industry First's

SMAR has in the last 20 years demonstrated its vocation to develop products and solutions that customer's desire.

SMAR was first to release a compact, high performance smart transmitter, first to incorporate control and mathematical functions in field devices, and first to launch a chip for the physical layer of the international FIELDBUS.

Enterprise Automation

Being a Company of Enterprise Automation with strong international performance and the leader in Brazil, facilitating the sustainable growth of their customers around the world with talented sales engineers, innovative technology and products, SMAR will help you deliver excellent results.