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Temperature Sensors


For all your thermocouple requirements, check out our offering of custom sheathed and bayonet style thermocouples. Handheld probes are available in both fixed and quick connect configurations each with tip styles including general purpose, penetration, exposed, air and quick response.

Complete Assemblies

Also available for your convenience are complete assemblies to general purpose and explosion proof standards in either threaded or flanged thermowells as per your requirements. Connection heads are also available in general purpose and explosion proof configurations, with material offerings including aluminum, epoxy coated aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel.


RTDs - Resistance Temperature Detectors

RTDs are available in several different materials, base resistances, temperature coefficients, accuracies and configurations for installation into RTD assemblies that meet your specific requirements.

A popular element we offer is Platinum with a base resistance of 100 ohms @ 0°C, accuracy of ± 0.5% and temperature coefficient of 0.00385 ohms/ohm/°C. The second most popular element is a 392 curve (0.00392 ohms/ohm/°C) element.

Ceramic housed platinum-wound elements are very popular. Process conditions may dictate use of other types of element constructions such as Thin-Film, Glass Bulb, or Kapton insulated.