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Pressure Regulators

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A pressure regulator controls pressure, regulating inlet flow to a manageable and consistent output. It uses a spring and a diaphragm or piston to control pressure to a specific setpoint, keeping it consistent and accurate. Many models also come with a filter, which further protects your downstream processes. Most of the regulators we offer are manually adjustable, allowing you to manipulate and revise your instrument at a moment’s notice.

From extreme high pressure to extreme low pressure, compact body, or service and back pressure, we are sure to carry a regulator to match your application. Ideal for natural gas service, air flow, and even vacuum pressure, our regulators and controllers can be tailored to any application. There are many options available through our configurator as well – you can choose your pressure range, accuracy, flow capacity, relieving, non-relieving, means of adjustment, even the wetted materials and process connections. Use the ‘filter' and 'compare’ features to find the regulator for you!
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