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Flow Switches

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Flow Switches

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Telematic flow switches are precision instruments, designed and manufactured internally by Kayden, a production company owned and operated by Telematic Controls Inc. They are an invaluable part of any control and safety system, and actuate when specific and precise interface conditions in your process media are required. Our switches use the operating principle of thermal dispersion, using two platinum Resistance Temperature Devices (RTDs) to compare the differential values of a reference temperature and an active process temperature to continually control your process.

As our switches are software-programmable digital devices, they will never need calibration and will not drift, allowing you to accurately detect a wide range of conditions.

The capability to choose your insertion style, insertion length, connection size, and construction materials means you can customize these switches to conform your process application. We even offer sanitary switches for water, food, and beverage industries. A wide variety of approvals are available, so you can be assured that these switches will meet your standards, and because we make these products in-house, you have access to unparalleled customizations, turn-around time, and attention to detail.
Telematic is a market-leading provider of Process Control Instruments to the world. Combined with excellent service and total customer satisfaction, Telematic offers solutions with unparalleled product quality for all your process control applications. Telematic has been serving the instrumentation community for over 45 years and delivers the products you need when you need them.