The detecting, managing, and manipulating of pressure is a vital part of any industrial process. Telematic Controls Inc offers a broad selection of pressure control instruments in order to ensure the safety and accuracy of your industry, and in turn improve efficiency and save you money. In our warehouse we stock a variety of pressure switches, regulators, relays, volume boosters, gauges, transmitters, and transducers, along with all the accessories and parts needed to keep them in top condition, working efficiently for years. They are certified to meet the high standards required in many countries, so you can have the peace of mind that comes from an approved, reliable and rigorously tested precision instrument.

Ideal for pressure alarm, shutdown, or control on heavy vehicles, machine tools, electronic equipment, engines, compressors, panels, pipelines, offshore & corrosive environments and a myriad of other process applications, Telematic Controls has something to fit your process. Our pressure products are competitively priced and highly customizable – o-rings, diaphragms, housings, and pressure ranges can be tailor-made to fit your application like a glove - and our large in-house inventory means it will be in your hands weeks before the competition.