A differential pressure switch operates by comparing the relative pressure between two points, and will actuate on the pre-determined high end and low end – when the pressure is equal, the switch will not move. To accomplish this, it has two inlet ports; one high pressure, one low pressure, as well as a diaphragm and a Belleville spring to actuate when your pressure set points are reached. They are suited for a wide range of applications – from filter and level monitoring to high static pressure control.

The use of a differential switch eliminates the need for a control system or manual operator by managing two pressures simultaneously. These adjustable electrical switches can be certified explosion proof, and are great for controlling well pump and compressor pressure, as well as many other industrial applications. There are many options available through our configurator such as Hazardous area approvals, the output format of your switch, the wetted materials, or even the option to eliminate the o-ring completely with a welded diaphragm. Use the filter and compare feature to find the switch for you!