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Temperature Transmitters & Sensors


IME Temperature Indicator

Model 8080HT

IME Indicating Temperature Transmitter

Model 8080KN

IME Temperature Indicator


Precision Digital Temperature & Process Scanner


Precison Digital Temperature Meter


Precison Digital Temperature Meter

PD765 Trident

Precision Digital Process & Temperature Meter

PD765 Trident X2

Precision Digital Process & Temperature Meter


Precision Digital PD8-7000 Explosion-Proof Instrument


Precision Digital Process & Temperature Meter

LCD Display Module

SMAR LCD DIsplay Module HART V5, V6.01, V7.0

TT300 Mounting Bracket

SMAR Mounting Bracket Assembly


SMAR Temperature Transmitter

7 In Stock

TT302 Temperature Transmitter

SMAR Temperature Transmitter


SMAR Smart Temperature Transmitter

A7 Gauge Siphon

Wika Gauge Siphon

Model 52

Wika Thermometer

A temperature transmitter operates by converting temperature into an analog signal. It does this by reading the electrical resistance relative to temperature through the platinum probe in your process. A transmitter converts temperature into a 4-20mA signal, which is highly resistant to electrical noise and resistance and can transmit the signal over long distances. Constant measurement and monitoring of your process couldn’t be easier.

We also offer intelligent transmitters that use protocols such as HART, Profibus, Fieldbus, and Modbus to communicate. There are many options available through our configurator – you can choose whether or not you need the security of Hazardous area approvals, the output format, sensor type and connection of your transmitter, the display, even your mounting style. Use the ‘filter and compare’ feature to find the transmitter for you!