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Pressure Transmitters & Sensors


APG Pressure Transmitter

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Automation Products Pressure Transducer


Automation Product Pressure Transducer

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Automation Products Presure Transmitter

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Model T5200

Fairchild Electro-Pneumatic I/P, E/P Transducer

Model T5220

Fairchild Electro-Pneumatic I/P, E/P Transducer

Model T5221

Fairchild Transducer

Model T5400

Fairchild Transducer

Model T5420

Fairchild Transducer

Model T5700

Fairchild Transducer

Model T6000

Fairchild Electro-Pneumatic Voice Coil Transducer

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Model T6100

Fairchild I/P Transducer

Model T7800

Fairchild Electro-Pneumatic Piezo Ceramic Transducer

Model T7950 E/P

Fairchild Model T7950 E/P Transducer

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Model T8000

Fairchild Miniature Pressure Transducer

Model T9000

Fairchild Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Controller

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Fairchild Electro-Pneumatic Transducer


Fairchild Electro-Pneumatic Explosion Proof Transducer

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Model 211

GP:50 Explosion Proof Pressure Transducer

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Model 311 Z, I, GI, AI

GP:50 Intrinsically Safe Pressure Transmitter

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Model 370

GP:50 WECO® “Hammer” Union Pressure Transmitter

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SMAR Gauge Pressure Transmitter


SMAR Differential and Flow Pressure Transmitter


SMAR Differential High Static Pressure Transmitter


SMAR Level Pressure Transmitter

LD302-D Foundation Pressure Transmitter

SMAR Differential and Flow Pressure Transmitter

E-10 (11)

WIKA Hazardous Area Pressure Transmitter

A pressure transmitter operates by converting pressure into an analog or digital Communication Protocol signal. It accomplishes this by reading the physical deformation of a strain gauge and/or capacitance type diaphragm sensor, which is wired into a Wheatstone bridge and/or a micro-chip electronic circuit board configuration. Some even use diaphragms with a piezoresistive effect to detect pressure. An analog current transmitter converts pressure into a HART communication protocol 4-20mA signal, which is highly resistant to electrical noise and resistance and can transmit the signal over long distances. Constant measurement and monitoring of your process couldn't be easier.

We also offer heavy duty submersible and hammer union transmitters for the most rugged and demanding of applications. There are many options available through our configurator – you can choose whether or not you need the security of Hazardous area approvals and tailor it for gas service, the output format of your transmitter, the wetted materials, even your process and electrical connections. Use the filter and compare feature to find the transmitter for you!