Temperature plays a huge role in any industrial process, so it is vital to be able to properly detect, manage, and manipulate the temperatures of your media. Telematic Controls Inc is proud to carry a wide collection of temperature control instruments that ensure the safety and accuracy of your industry and in doing so increase efficiency and cut your costs. In our warehouse we stock a range of temperature switches, transmitters, and all the complementary fittings and parts needed to keep them in prime condition, working effectively for years. They are certified to meet the high standards required by many countries, so you can have the peace of mind that comes from an approved, dependable and meticulously tested precision instrument.

Perfect for temperature alarm, shutdown or control, engines, pipelines, offshore & corrosive environments and many other process applications, Telematic Controls has something to suit your process. Our temperature products are competitively priced and greatly customizable – probes, capillaries, housings, and temperature ranges can be selected to match every application - and our extensive warehouse stock means it will be in your hands weeks before the competition.