Our precision, snap-acting pressure switches are designed to meet the highest of standards. They are an invaluable part of any control and safety system, and will actuate to open or close a circuit when a specific and precise pressure of the process media is reached. Many of our switches operate on the principle of the Belleville spring, a tried and tested technology that improves cycle life and limits errors caused by vibration, chatter and lack of repeatability.

The capability to customize a wide variety of set points and construction materials means you can specialize these switches to exactly fit your process, whether you need to control gauge pressure, differential pressure, vacuum pressure, or even a combination of pressures. These switches are used to control compressors, well pumps, and oil and gas applications. They come with many levels of certification, so you can use them in general purpose areas or even hazardous locations where flameproof or explosion proof instruments are required. We even offer hydraulic piston switches to manage higher pressures. A wide variety of approvals are available, so you can be assured that these switches will meet your standards.