Frequently Asked Questions

My Credit Account

My company has an active Telematic Credit Account that we've had for many years, can I purchase products on this website and charge them to this existing account?

Yes, simply email or call Telematic Sales with your request and we can activate and link your Online Store ID with your existing Telematic Credit Account, generally within one business day.

My Prices

When I call Telematic Sales to place an order I'm given special pricing on some items, are these special prices available to me in the Online Store?

Yes, once you've logged into the Online Store you will see your prices.

What's faster, ordering by...

Telephone or the Online Store?

Regardless of how you place your order, it's treated the same, we prioritize all orders in the sequence we receive them. 

Should you feel like placing an order at 3 o'clock in the morning or 5pm Saturday afternoon, the Telematic Online Store will be here to serve you.

The Online Store shows you what's in stock, and you can be sure that when you order items online, they're committed to you the minute you place your order and receive a confirmation.

My Online Security

Is my browsing and purchasing private and secure when I'm in the Telematic Online Store?

Yes, we've gone to great lengths to keep your browsing and shopping experience private and secure. Even this page you're reading right now has been sent to you fully encrypted, we don't think anyone should be able to watch what you shop for, never mind see what you've purchased; your business is your business.

We believe shopping at is far more private and secure than using a telephone to talk or text.

Every time you visit the Telematic Online Store, know that you're enjoying a high-security connection to every page you visit.