The VDR (Valve Device Router) collects reported data from up to 32 associated VDs and wirelessly transfers the informatino to the next VDR.

The TVDR (Tunnelling VDR) is the last-hop that passes on all the collected data from the string of VDRs to the site network for processing and analysis.

The VDR network acts as a relay that transmits essages, received from remote VDRs, through a ZigBee wireless network, until they reach a TVDR.

One or more TVDRs are connected to teh RI Wireless Gateway using TCP/IP communication between all VDRs and the site network.

ZigBee mesh technology is implemented ensuring the required routing redundancy for very high communication reliability.  The TVDR generates a wireless heartbeat message over fixed periods, and broadcasts it between the VDRs for mapping routes and diagnosing communications performance.

Agency Approvals

  • ATEX
  • CE
  • Ex
  • NEC


  • -97 dBm


  • 100 meters
  • 200 Meters

Supply Voltage

  • 7-36 Vdc

Power Requirement

  • 2.2 AH Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery


  • Antenna
  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Zigbee Protocol

Electrical Connectors

  • 3-pin Terminal Block
  • 5-pin Terminal Block
  • Cable Gland

Interface Connection

  • USB Port


  • 16 dBm


  • 14 Colored LEDs


  • Wall Mounted

Battery Life

  • 30 Hours
  • 8 Hours