The ReferenceMate portable vibration reference source enables users in the field to easily verify sensor performance and the integrity of the cabling between the sensor and the online system. A built-in reference accelerometer assures that a 1 g test level is maintained for sensors weighing up to 250 grams.

Frequency of operation and measurement type (peak/RMS) are push button selected.

  • 61.4 Hz for imperial measurements, where 1 g is equal to 1 inch per second (ips), for verification of acceleration and velocity
  • 100.0 Hz to confirm sensor calibration value
  • 159.2 Hz for metric measurements, where 1 g is equal to 9.81 m/sec and 9.81 mm/sec

LEDs notify the user when battery condition falls below operational levels or if the unit is overloaded. For calibration verification, reference test points are provided to verify the output of the internal sensor.


  • 1 g selectable reference source (61.4, 100.0 or 159.2 Hz)
  • Crossover frequencies designed for easy velocity verification
  • Verify and adjust entire systems from transducers to measurement equipment
  • User selections retained on power off
  • Test vibration sensors weighing up to 250 g
  • Accessories for every application
  • Optional cube for checking triaxial sensor ouputs simultaneously
  • Standard AA battery operation for field use
  • Optional rugged boot offers protection in harsh plant environments
The above description encapsulates the entire product series. Specifications for individual configurations may vary depending on the selection chosen.

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Model REF2510

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Agency Approvals

  • CE

Environmental Protection

  • IP54

Operating Temperature

  • -10° to 55° C (14° to 131° F)

Storage Temperature

  • -40° to 85° C (-40° to 185° F)


  • Mounting Torque, Maximum: 10 Inch-pounds (112 N-cm)

Turn-Off Time

  • Automatic Switch Off Time: Approximately 90 ±10 Seconds Defeatable

Power Requirement

  • Internal Battery: 4 x AA Alkaline Batteries

Update Time

  • Ramp-up Time: ≤3 Seconds


  • DC Power: 1 A at 6 Vdc ±5%, Center Positive


  • LED


  • Mounting Thread: 1/4"-28 Female

Enclosure/Body Material

  • 6061 Aluminum, Black Hard Coat Anodized

Materials of Construction

  • Boot Material: Thermoplastic Rubber - Model REF2510R


  • Cable Integrity Checks
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Equipment
  • Online Monitoring Systems
  • Rotating Machinery