Wilcoxon’s P703B series of power supplies can be used with most standard industrial accelerometers requiring an IEPE constant current DC power source. The power supply contains a 18-30 Volt source and current regulating diode to simultaneously power up to three different sensors, or, if using a triaxial accelerometer, all three channels (axes) of a single sensor. Units come with three 9 V batteries to provide power, and optional AC supplies are available.

Each module has a standard BNC output connector for easy compatibility with most data collection or analysis equipment, as well as an LED that indicates when the battery level is low. P703B units will provide 1:1 gain from the transducer being powered in addition to a minimum of 60 dB channel separation for clear readings.


  • Powers 3 separate sensors
  • Battery condition light
  • DC decouples the output
  • Battery powered (line adaptor optional); uses common 9 V batteries
  • Can drive up to 50 ft of cable
  • Manufactured in an approved ISO 9001 facility
The above description encapsulates the entire product series. Specifications for individual configurations may vary depending on the selection chosen.

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Tests & Certificates

  • ISO 9001

Power Requirement

  • 9 V Alkaline Batteries (3)


  • Current to Transducer: 2.4 mA DC, ±20% - Model P703B, P703BT
  • Current to Transducer: 6 mA DC, ±20% - Model P703B-6
  • Maximum Input Voltage: 10 V rms
  • Voltage to Transducer: 27 Vdc

Load Impedance

  • Recommended Load Impedance: >100 KiloOhms


  • 3

Electrical Connectors

  • Signal Connector: BNC Connector - Model P703B, P703B-6 (Input), P703BT (Output, Front Panel)
  • Signal Input Connector: 4-Pin Bendix (POC2A-8) - Model P703BT


  • Decoupling Capacitor (Internal): 22 µF, 35 Vdc


  • External Power: 24-30 Vdc - Model P703B-6, P703BT


  • LED Lights

Battery Life

  • >16 Hours - Model P703B-6
  • >40 Hours - Model P703B, P703BT