Explosion-Proof DC Pulse Input (XS): The Model 2400 M/P Converter is isolated from an explosive environment by enclosing in an Explosion-Proof housing. The Stepper Motor configuration is equipped with a clock generator positioned horizontally, which plugs into a vertically mounted translator board. The configuration includes limit switches. The Stepper Motor is mounted on the bottom of the motor assembly in the base of the Explosion-Proof housing. Wiring to the unit is made to a terminal board through a 1/2" - 14 NPT conduit fitting in the base of the housing.

The unit includes two single pole, double throw, double break limit switches. Switches on the clock generator board allow selection of:
a) Internally or Externally Powered Controls Loops
b) Half-step or Full Step Mode
c) High-Speed or Low-Speed Operation
The above description encapsulates the entire product series. Specifications for individual configurations may vary depending on the selection chosen.

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Model 2400XFS

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Agency Approvals

  • FM Explosion-Proof for CL1, DIV1, GRPS B, C & D and CL2, DIV1, GRPS E, F, G.

Environmental Protection

  • Explosion-Proof
  • NEMA 4X

Pressure Range

  • bar: 0 to 0.048
  • Inches WC: 0 to 200
  • kPa: 0 to 4.8
  • psig: 0 to 0.7

Supply Pressure - Maximum

  • bar: 1.4 to 10
  • kPa: 138 to 1,000
  • psi: 20 to 150

Power Options

  • DC Motor/Pulse

Power Requirement

  • 12-24 Vdc


  • 24 Vdc

Electrical Contacts

  • Normally Closed
  • Normally Open

Enclosure/Body Material

  • Aluminum

Trim Material

  • Stainless Steel